New York West Pizza Downtown San Diego Specialties

Hand Tossed Stone Fired Pizzas

We take no shortcuts. Our pizza dough and pizza sauces are made fresh each day. We use only the finest mozzarella cheese and each of our toppings are freshly prepared. You just have to try it! We think you’ll agree that there’s something special about our refinement of the perfect pizza.

Burgers, Buns & Rolls

At a casual place, the burgers are expected to be good, but at finer establishments, that’s not enough. To stand proudly alongside other entrées, the finest burgers must be experiences unto themselves. Our New York West burger is a Special Beef and Italian Sausage Blend, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion.


OurWorld Famous Cannelloni is a House-made Pasta, Stuffed With Beef, Veal, Spinach and Spices. 

New York West Hand Tossed Pizzas Specialties